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Regatta Giving Back

The Regatta Committee is keen to ensure that the Regatta remains an important and integral part of village life, for this and future generations, and that it continues to enjoy widespread support and participation.

Beer Regatta is a ‘not for profit’ organisation where revenues are re-invested to develop, promote and fund future activities. However, should the week generate surplus funds, going forward we intend to distribute any excess to village organisations who serve the community of Beer and who are supportive of Regatta itself.

We intend to run a very simple process in order to manage this. The key elements are as follows

  • Any village organisation, village charity or group that is village focussed, which has provided some Regatta support in the relevant year, or will pledge practical support for the following year, can apply.
  • Priority will be given to organisations who request funding to cover expenses for a village/community fundraising event – for example, a request to cover the cost of hiring the Mariners’ Hall.
  • Single donations up to a maximum of £500 may be available should surplus funds allow.
  • Notifications for grant applications will be published, giving full details of the application process, with a closing date no less than one month hence to allow time for organisations to submit tenders.
  • A small independent Regatta sub-committee (the FSC) has been established to evaluate submissions and decide on fund allocation and distribution.
  • The decision of the FSC is final. In exceptional circumstance the FSC may find it necessary to refer back to the Regatta Committee.

Beer Regatta Committee