Robbie’s Regatta Remotely Races

Sunday afternoons in Beer Regatta week always means Robbie’s Races at Beer Albion Football Club. On Sunday 9th August 2020, due to Covid19 the races had to be held virtually. Robbie’s Regatta Remotely Races were held all around the village and faraway places with people holding their own events and sending us their photos. The race categories were –

  • Sack/Pillow race
  • 3 legged race (with family or people in your social bubble)
  • Egg & Spoon race
  • Throw an egg to each other
  • Skipping rope race
  • Wheelbarrow race (with family or people in your social bubble)
  • Loo roll balance on your head race
  • Check welly to see who can throw it the furthest
  • Limbo dancing – who can limbo the lowest
  • Make up your own category


2022 - Regatta week starts on Saturday 13th August 2022

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