Regatta Dates

Beer Regatta will start on the Saturday of the second full weekend in August – the following Thursday will be Regatta Day.

As many of you may know, in the past the date for Regatta Day was dependent on when the Bank Holiday fell at the start of August. Regatta Day, which was naturally a Thursday due to ‘early closing’ in the village at the time, was determined as ‘the second Thursday after the first Monday’, i.e. after Bank Holiday Monday. Times have changed – we no longer have the first Monday in August as a Bank Holiday, and Beer Regatta has got rather ‘out of hand’ as it is now spread across a week!

In 2018 , as a result of discussions with Beer Sailing Club, it was decided we should move the Dinghy Racing to the first Saturday – this allows the Sailing Club to get support on the water from other local Clubs as necessary, and also encourages sailors in those clubs a chance to come and compete, which they may not do if it involves taking a day off work. The effect of this decision is that we need a fixed ‘slot’ for the dinghy sailing so that the other Lyme Bay Clubs know which weekend is allocated to Beer Regatta in the Lyme Bay Sailing Diary.

Beer Lugger Racing will continue to take place on Regatta Day, as has been the case for over one hundred years!

Beer Regatta 2022

Saturday 13th - Friday 19th August

Regatta Day On:

Thursday 18th August

Beer Regatta Week Devon


2022 - Regatta week starts on Saturday 13th August 2022

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